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From: linda - 9 years 26 weeks ago

hi my name is linda and i have been seeing a doctor since i was diagnosed 3 years ago, i have been taking a beta blocker and now they want me to do treatment such as the iodine or surgery, i'm worried about killing my thyroid and so i thought i would try to see what everyone else is and has gone through before i make my dicision, one question i have is, does anyone know what will happen if i don't distroy it? i'm afraid that if i take the iodine pill or have the surgery that i might regret it, i was told there is a hormone pill that you take afterwards that you can get at walmart on there 4.00 prescription plan, does anyone know if this is true? cause what if i was to loose my job or something, if anyone could help me to understand
why and if i should go ahead with it,please give me your opinion.thanks so much

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Good morning ,
I dont really have any answers for you regarding your questions,because I am also going through the same thing as you are. trying to decide on if I should have the surgery or not.My guess about the $4 perscription? would be to call walmart and ask them.Keep me posted..and good luck to you in whatever you decide.Karen

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