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Not sure what's up with me

From: gandc - 5 years 23 weeks ago

Tsh-3rd generation-1.9
T4 free-0.69
Free T3-2.6
Fasting Blood Sugar-122
Symptoms: Racing heart, anxiety, brittle hair, thinning skin, fatigue, bags under eyes, nausea (bouts where it is extreme), some insomnia.
Cholesterol was a bit high, blood pressure was great.

FYI: Several symptoms started when I gained 85 pounds while pregnant 26 years ago. I tried to get help then, but to no avail so I have been just living with not feeling perfect since then.

The doctor says all my blood work is normal. Physical was normal too. He didn't think my high blood sugar was even a concern. Said it might be pre-diabetes, but probably not. He attributed my symptoms to "empty nest syndrome and anxiety".

I am active and happy, so I disagree with the anxiety/sad dx. But, maybe I am crazy and don't know it. :)

Are these levels healthy levels? Should I pursue more tests? This is all so new to me and I really appreciate anyone who can help me figure out if I am barking up the wrong tree thinking it may be thyroid related.

Thanks so very much. Much appreciated!

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