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Hi. I was told I had hyperthyroidism after having a thyroid storm. (2002) I was put on meds for years. I am not a "pill popper" so taking pills everyday is really hard for me to do. In short, I just took the meds as I felt they were needed, and now I am med free. I have been told that my thyroid is normal, yet on the high side of the normal range.(I was never told that I had anything other than hyperthyroidism. No graves or any other thyroid related deseases) About 4 years ago I fell and broke my tibula in my knee. Needless to say when I fell from about 10 feet up, I came down very hard onto a concrete tand tile floor. When this happened, I swelled up, all over. From my head to my toes. I also have excessive water retention. I used to weight around 105-110lbs. With in about a month from the day I broke my knee I gained 30lbs and still remain to be "puffed up
' swollen and bloated. I also have known for years that I have back and nesk issues. As of this date, 2-2013, I weigh 152lbs. I am 50 years old and only 5' tall. I am now obeese. Disgusted with my body. I have been taking water pills and potassium (as best as I can) for the last 3 years to help with the retension. My lower back started to cause me major pain shortly after my knee healed. I have done to the doctor and had x-rays and MRI and some other tests done. Yet they do not know why I am swollen, bloated, retaining water, and having such bad back problems. At this point ny back pain is causing it impossible for me to work. I cant even walk around the block without my back going into mussle spasms. I try to excersise but I cant even get warmed up much less sweat due to my pain. Yet I try to stay somewhat active.I have cut down on my food intake to try and compensate for the lack of excersise. I eat fairly well. I dont eat snacks, or junk food. All in all I think I eat pretty good. Fruits and vegies,. My downfalls would be that I eat meats, and I may drink a soda or two almost daily.(not diet soda) and I like to drink 2% milk and I love cheese. I am concerned as to why did I gain so much weight so quickly and am not able to loose any weight? Why and what is causing the water retention and the swelling in my body? I'm concerned that if I don't figure out what the hell is causing me all these problems that eventually I will have even more health problems. and that damage to my joints and organs will set in. By that time it will be too late to "fix" the intial reason for all of this. I would like to live my life alive and functional. I need to find someone that can help figure me out. Before it's too late. Thanks much for taking the time to read this.

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