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High Prolactin Levels: Hyperprolactinemia

From: Jonathan123 - 3 years 31 weeks ago


I am 39 and have had pretty good physical health over the years. I recently had a lot of tests that were all fine except high Prolactin, and Testosterone was a little low, which is apparently a common link. Basically I want feedback on this, anything would be appreciated. What have others found? My symptoms, I believe, are sexual, and tiredness, depression and anxiety.

What complicates this are psychosis and mental illness, which I believe is actually caused by the High Prolactin. But I am not expecting the Dr to agree with Dopemin releasing pills. The nurse said my prolactin was not that high and downplayed it as an issue. I am not able to see the Dr for over two weeks but I think the tiredness and sexual related effects have gone on for over 15 years. Any thoughts appreciated! What shall I do? Especially if the Dr does not want to give the best drugs.

Thank you for any replies!

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Keep after them. I have a prolactinoma and have been medicated for 12 years. Although my prolactin was 12508 when I was diagnosed. I still fight many of the symptoms though. Specifically sexual and tiredness. I currently am supplemented with thyroid and testosterone and of course, cabergoline.