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TSH vs Prolactin

From: tshbromocrlh - 3 years 3 weeks ago

I have been taking bromocriptine 2.5 mg( 3 times a day) since June or july 2012 with about 20 months of absent of pregnancy and lactation. The initial reason to take bromocriptine was my prolatin level was really high somewhere in 200 range. After two months of bromocriptine, I finally got my first pregnancy. Just last month, I went to see my fertility doctor to find my prolatin level is less than 0.5 and my TSH were close to 5. my free T4 was in the low end of normal range based on my lab result in the fasting morning status. My endocrinologist initial response was for me to take some thyroid hormone replacement which I really don't want to do. My fertility doctor is suggesting lower the bromocriptine dosage. could you give me the third option? Thank you

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