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Hyperparathyroidism Support Community Discussions

Lab Test Result Help

Started by ebya 10 years 29 weeks ago

Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency

Started by Kourtenay 12 years 10 weeks ago

Hyperparathyroid surgery?

Started by Journey_101 10 years 46 weeks ago

Hyperparathyoridism surgeons in Houston?

Started by Journey_101 10 years 46 weeks ago

Post Parathyroid and partial Thyroid surgery questions

Started by Goodoman 11 years 6 weeks ago

Recent Dg. of Hyperparathyroidism

Started by Michelle Mary 10 years 46 weeks ago

Parathyroid disease and low alkaline phosphatase

Started by Tamra 12 years 15 weeks ago

need help for hope

Started by needinghopeintx 12 years 14 weeks ago

Elevated calcium and muscle twitches

Started by DPF1976 12 years 8 weeks ago

Had a failed parathyroid operation still confused

Started by SMuller 12 years 8 weeks ago

Papillary Micro carcinoma

Started by myway711 12 years 6 weeks ago

Evidently hyperparathyroid symptoms are self induced...

Started by deedee 11 years 38 weeks ago

What should I expect tomorrow with surgery?

Started by keech 11 years 35 weeks ago

Have Osteoporosis Low Vit D & high calcium ?

Started by firebird56 11 years 25 weeks ago

hyperthyroid, fast heart rate, hypertension

Started by kurnia 11 years 20 weeks ago


Started by gigi 11 years 15 weeks ago

Symptoms are back after Parathroidectomy

Started by Frustrated1 11 years 12 weeks ago

AM I hyper or hypo?

Started by techcherry 11 years 8 weeks ago


Started by ADENIYI ADEWALE 11 years 5 weeks ago