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Cancer or Hyperparathyroidism???

From: Bulldogger - 9 years 8 weeks ago

About 2 months ago my mom went to the emergency room with severe rib pain, after doing x-rays and blood work a doctor suspected multiple myeloma. Her calcium level was high 12.1 and potassium level low, I don't recall that #. She also had a bone marrow test done. 5 days later the oncologist tells us no cancer cells were present in her bone marrow!! He then diagnosed Hyperparathyroidism ..ok that's better than cancer!! We got a second opinion from a endocrinologist. He had blood work done and after looking over her medical records and the current blood work he ordered "my mom also has lesions on her skeleton," he says it's not Hyperparathyroidism because her calcium was high and her parathyroid level was normal and Hyperparathyroidism won't cause lesions. Any thoughts out there??! Thanks

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She needs a new doctor. If her PTH levels are high or even if they are normal with calcium levels that high then she has a bad parathyroid gland regardless of whether she also has cancer or not. That much calcium in the blood would cause the parathyroid glands to shut down and stop producing PTH. Her PTH levels should be near zero with high calcium even if the calcium was only slightly elevated.

Read Dr. Norman's pages on diagnosis at

Good luck trying not to step on the endochinologist's ego. You must be very careful when trying to convince him/her about this. Print the advanced diagnosis page at and also other such parathyroid websites that say the same thing and when you show it to him, rather than telling him, ask him to explain it to you telling him that you are confused. Ask whether or not the patient could have a bad parathyroid and cancer.

Osteoporosis is caused by parathyroid disease but it can also be caused by a B12 deficiency. It is also possible since both of these conditions are common among the elderly that an elderly person could suffer from both.

Is this good advice?

I was hoping that wasn't the case in my situation, but it is/ I thank you NevadaSmith, you have answered a question that I have had for several weeks now.
My next appointment is with my endocrine on Feb. 27,2013, and it is of no comfort, but good that I found out the information so I may prepare myself for the diagnosis and news on Feb. 27.