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weight loss after parathyroid surgery??

From: beverly - 6 years 22 weeks ago

please if anyone could give any suggestions regarding weight loss after my Parathyroid and thyroid removal surgery. I have gained 25 pounds since my surgery March 30, 2012 and I keep gaining. I have two and a half parathyroids removed and my Dr. could not find the fourth and has left a half left that she is aware of. I am so upset, confessed and depressed that the weight keeps coming on. I am also diabetic and this is control by diet so this is really screwing with a lot of things. I take nine 630mg of Calcium a day and three caltricol (vitamin D) a day in order to keep my calcium level "normal" I also take 120mg of Armour thyroid a day. Besides the weight gain I have severe muscle pain in my hands, arms, shoulders. I just would like to see if anyone would have any ides's on how to activate my parathyroid. My surgeon keeps telling me it could be 6 months- one year for it to kick in or it may never!!!! I walk and seriously eat right but maybe I need to starve myself or something.. I am at the end of my rope please help with any suggestions. Thank you

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Hi Bevrely, got the same problem. Operated in september en losing weight. Feeling bad too. Docter said to wait but problem excist.
Do you have al solution already? please note me.

What I did was:
check vitamine B12 (active), and have a lot of blood results.
B12 was too low. I started to get extra but this is not working.

Please contact me so we can put our info next to eachother.
thank you

Is this good advice?

Go to this web site and read the information You will still have issues with hyperparathroidism if there is any remaining adenoma(s) and doctors who do not do this surgery often enough may not have the experience to remove everything they should and generally say "wait a little longer and see if it goes away." Generally it doesn't. Im wondering if your surgeon damaged your Thyroid gland during removal of your adenoma and this is causing hypothyroid issues and weight gain? Wishing you good luck and hope this helps.

Is this good advice?

It is quite common to gain or lose weight after any kind of major and minor surgery, parathyroids surgery is also linked with obesity; As we know that the term obesity is an abnormal growth of tissue due to the increase in fat cell size. Research says that there is a positive connection in between parathyroids hormones and obesity. So instead of starving you must g for a better diet and exercise plan, hope this will work for you or you may consult over here, or go for a medical expert.

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