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Looking for advice -parathyroid

From: Momoftwins - 8 years 49 weeks ago

I really would like some advice. Just got back normal results on my parathyroid scan. However, my pth is 105 and my calcium level is 10.9. I have bone pain, fatigue, blurry vision (not too often, but it has happened), some issues with memory. The NP at my office says she is very sure I do not have issues with my parathyroid. From everything I have read, it sure sounds like I do.

I asked her to redo the Ca level and she is doing a check on my Vit D level. She seemed to redo the tests since only after I asked her for the name of some endocrinologists. Am I right in thinking there is something going on with the parathyroid? She is so sure there is no issue. She thinks I should see a rheumatologist instead.

Any advise would be so appreciated.

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I feel your pain! I too am searching for some answers. Fortunately, or unfortunately the web gives us just enough info to get us in trouble... along with giving us enough information to advocate our health.

As I am sure you have read, Hyperparathroidism can be difficult to diagnose. Calcium levels tend to rise and fall in and out of normal ranges, as well as other symptoms. I went round and round with my rather nonchalant Prim. Care doc. Only after I hinted that I was considering some alternative options she conceded that perhaps it was worth a referral to BOTH an Endocrinologist and a Rheumotologist.

I have seen both. The autoimmune tests run by the Rheumotologist indicate a slight increase in Anti-CCP with some localized inflammation in my hand. However it does NOT explain the aches, weight gain, rapid continual blood sugar fluctuations. I am looking to the Endo's insight. He does suspect Hyperparathroidism, even though the Calcium blood level is now normal @9.5. I just dropped off a 24hr urine collection for both CA & creatinine levels.

In short, NP are not doc, nor is a PA. The are valuable assets to a medical practice, in most general & routine cases. It sounds like you just might benefit from both the skilled expertise and experience of a Endo specialist. Make sure they are familiar with mini-hyperparathyroid treatment options, EVEN if they don't do them. The fact that the are aware means the try and stay current, and you may have a better chance of nit being dismissed so easily. This is my 2nd Endo in 4 months. The 1st one said it was a lab error..... REALLY??? over 10 years, 4 states, 5 labs... I think not.

There are several things that can affect Calcium, including diuretics,and a few other meds, so an Endo can really be a benefit.
Best wishes! Keep persisting....

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Sorry, there are several "the" stmts, but it should be "they"... Thank you IPad.

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