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Extreme fatigue, no answers and "normal" test results.

From: bozqurt - 1 year 38 weeks ago

Hi everone,

I found this website randomly and hope somebody may lep me.

I am 30 yrs, old male.

Starting from last August I feel two much fatigue, despite my check-up results, are normal( full checkup, endoscopy, blood, and etc).

My main symptoms are as below;

It is too hard for me to wake from be the bed.

I feel very fatigued all day.

My bones feel fragile.

I feel like out of breath when I'm inside a room or closed area.

I was experiencing hair loss so I took Propecia and saw palmetto for nearly 3 weeks since then these things started happening.

My testestrone level is low:

FSH 1.5, Testestrone 3.85
TSH1.53 FreeT4 1.76

But doc says it is not a serious problem, what I know that my body is very sensitive maybe that is why I am feeling it so much.

I would appreciate it if anyone could help me.

Best of Regards,

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