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Thyroid Cancer and Parathyroid issues

From: debinfla - 7 years 25 weeks ago

In 1994 I had my thyroid removed and some lymph nodes due to cancer which had spread to involve my lymph nodes. Last week (June 16th) I had a nuclear scan of my parathyroid. My doctor’s nurse called me this past Monday to tell me my PTH Level in 104 and my calcium is 10.8.

Now my question. If I had my thyroid removed where are my parathyroid’s sitting? Since I had cancer that had spread is there a chance I could cancer again? My surgeon in 1994 told me he had left some lymph nodes and about 1% of my thyroid behind, there was still cancer and he said they “Froze” what was left behind. I have been cancer free for 17 years. I have had so many signs of hyperparathyroidism for a while but my primary doctor missed it and put me on high doses of vitamin D. Had told my GYN of some issues I am having and again, your calcium is a little high you should take D. My Endo did a blood test, ordered a 2nd blood test and sent me for the scan. This Thursday I have my appointment with my Endo but I don’t know what to except.

Can anyone answer any of my concerns?

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