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Parathyroid High, then low, all tests are within range

From: sandih12 - 3 years 7 weeks ago

I am so confused and the doctors seem to not be of much help. Am a 60 yo female, extremely active and am an athlete. BP is 109/61 and am not on any meds except Levtohyroid. Take Vit D supplement and a calcium supplement due to bone loss. I do have hypothyroid and recently was told I have diminished kidney function. Dexa scan shows osteoporosis.

My PHT 0n 11/17 was 28, on 2/18 was 68, on 5/2/18 was 89 and now 7/18 is 26. I am thrilled that it has gone back to "normal" but my questions is why this huge spike from November to February and now normal. Blood calcium levels are fine and within range.

I shared with my doctor that I gained 10 lbs in a short amount of time, it is not my diet (am strict Paleo and I am not consuming added calories) and nothing I do seems to make the scale budge. Because I am not overweight they discount how I feel, but when you are a runner/athlete you know carrying an extra 10 lbs. is uncomfortable.

My obvious concern is a parathyroid tumor, but the doctors seem to dismiss my concerns. I am pleased all my labs are within normal limits, with the exception of the parathyroid which now is normal. Do I insist on another blood test in 6 months to recheck, or shall I just let it go? Any input is sincerely appreciated. Thank you

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Is this good advice?

After surg for one adenoma found on scans. my PTH was 44.
2 mo. later if had it tested and at Quest Lab. itk was 740 again.

I tried Labcorp and their test was normal 57.

Dr. requested I have test redone at hospital lab and it was
PTH 137.

Waiting to retest it again in 6 mo.

My tests before and after surg. have been normal calcium, Vit. D, and no calcium in my urine. I had no noticeable symtoms .
Dr.s didn't know what to do with me till I had the scans.

Is this good advice?

Is this not the most frustrating situation, have you been resolved? I have a high PTH and normal calcium, Osteoperotic, am 55yo f healthy otherwise and pissedoff about 5kg weight gain 2 years. Exhausted and irritable (can you tell?). Doctors say they don't want to operate bc normal calcium but today I found this.. see if it help s you. Good luck, keep us posted