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High PTH Level

From: louiset65 - 3 years 21 weeks ago

I was in the hospital and dehydrated... My PTH WAS 162 and Calcium was was 10.. My question is can my dehydration and being sick make my bloodwork for PTH level high? Can a PTH level get lower? Thank You!

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I had a normal PTH after surgery of 44.
My follow-up test done 1-1/2 mo. later was back to 750 PTH. I was surprised to see it high again. I suggested trying another lab since before surg. my PTH was much lower at the hospital lab 192PTH.

I tried 3 didn't labs and got 3 different readings:
First lab was: 750 PTH
Second lab: 57
Hospital lab 137.

Waiting to retest in 6 mo.

My calcium and 24 hr. urine and Vit. D - have always been normal pre and post-op.

Heard from my Surg. today he was checking out the labs (why they were all 3 different) they found that I have an antibody that is throwing the PTH test results off. When tested a different way it was normal.

Mystery has been solved thanks to my doc.