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I'll be brief.

Labile hypertension
Chronic diarrhea
Facial flushing
Heat intolerance

Tests come back normal, mostly (though have very low cortisol and below measurable ACTH - doctor says it means nothing).

Abnormal tests in January:
PTH 60
Calcium 10.4

Abnormal tests in August:
PTH 233
Calcium 9.3
Vitamin D 8.7

Doctor (endocrinologist) is convinced all this is due to low Vitamin D, so am on 50,000 units once a week Vitamin D. He will re-test in 3 weeks or so.

When I asked him why the January tests didn't seem normal, he told me they were. I am 61, so I know 10.4 is not normal. He disagreed.

I sent Dr. Norman's clinic an email and, while the doctor did not comment on the August results, he did say that a PTH of 60 is "not suppressed" with a calcium level of 10.4 He recommended I mention this to my doctor, or make an appointment to see the Norman practice.

All my previous calcium levels have been in the 8s and 9s, so this is new. I have only had the 2 PTH tests, so I have no idea what the values have been when my previous calcium levels were tested (all previous calcium tests were done at the ER, as I have been hospitalized 8 times in the past year for intractable vomiting, malignant hypertension, palpitations and facial flushing). I have been tested for pheochromocytoma at least 4 times, all negative. Thyroid is ok too.

I can't understand why I am still sick, and/or if my parathyroid is causing these symptoms or what. If this doctor says he doesn't know, then I don't know where to go next.

Thoughts, anyone?

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