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1 25 vitamin level high

From: Shafowsfall47 - 1 year 35 weeks ago

After suffering with sinus infections, headaches, weakness, fatigue and dizziness for over a year, and 3 sinus operations, my doc ordered some tests to check my immunoglobulin level, tsh and 1,25 dihydroxide vitamin D. All were fine but the vit D test. I tested at 79 and normal level is 20-64. I looked up the result and it suggested to have my calcium,pth and 25 hydroxide D checked. Calcium was 9.1 and PTH was 46. Both good. Waiting on the other Vit D result still but after researching hyperparathyroidism i matched about 10 symptoms that i experience. So tests say i dont have it but im curious if i should be retested in a couple weeks or no.

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Is this good advice?

Also im curious are there seperate tests the check T3 and T4 levels individually? I had a standard TSH test which was good.

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