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Hyperparathyroidism/hypercalcemia & osteoporosis.

From: Grandma6 - 1 year 42 weeks ago

PTH level went from 172 to 236 in 3 months. Calcium has been 10.2 -10.4. Read Dr Normans site. Many questions to my endo consult in 2 days. I have Gerd and IBS. Any suggestions to what I should be concerned about or questions.

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I just had my parathyroidectomy 2 days ago at the Norman Parathryoid Center in Tampa, and thankfully so. I have been told for the past 4 years by my primary care doctor in Greensboro, NC, that my blood calcium levels of 10.2-10.4 have been normal, yet I knew that something was terribly wrong when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, as well as GERD. I also had terrible heart palpitations my first year of having high "normal" blood calcium readings. All of these symptoms were thought to be more or less a condition of menopause. I was told to take calcium for my osteoporosis, which I refused to do, and instead I got online and found Dr. Norman. It is amazing to me that any doctor tells a patient that blood calcium levels of 10.0 or higher are normal...they are not, and can be dangerous if it continues on for years. I had 4 tumors on my parathyroids. Less than 1% of people with this disease have this situation. Had I gone to any other endocrinologist, they probably would have only removed the first bad parathyroid found, and I would still be suffering with this disease. If you have GERD and blood calcium levels over 10 AND high PTH levels, you almost certainly have a tumor (or possibly more like me), and should see Dr. Norman's team immediately. Best of luck to you. You will be in great hands at the Norman Parathyroid Center in Tampa.

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