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Can hyperparathyroism cause craving for sweets? Weight gain?

From: Radiated2Much - 1 year 5 weeks ago

I take lithium. I found it it can cause craving for sweets. I also have hyperparathyroidism. Does anyone know if hyperparathyroidism can cause craving for sweets? Can it cause weight gain if I eat my usual foods which have kept my weight down to normal for years? I'm probably going to change off the lithium the day after tomorrow when I see my doctor. It can affect the parathyroid. The doctor who rx/d lithium had in the clinic records that I have hyperparathyroidism. He should never have rx/d lithium, imho. I have a better doc now.

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I would go to an endocrinologist and tell him what other medications you take. This is if you have not gone to one already.

Linda Dunnam