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How many daily mg calcium do I need to eat?

From: Radiated2Much - 1 year 9 weeks ago

I was dx'd about 2 years ago with hyperparathyroidism. I'm trying to make my own personal decisions. Did not trust that endocrinologist, and will have a new one early November. The first one said to stop taking calcium tablets daily, and to get my Ca from what I eat. I put a chart on my kitchen wall showing foods with lot of Ca.

I will get my "numbers" as soon as I can. By that, of course I mean the blood levels of Ca I have, plus what is normal, plus what is extremely too high. Do I need these numbers to decide if I'm eating enough Ca or too much?

The first endocrinologist confused me so much I felt like kicking her downstairs. She was also like a high-pressure saleswoman! Do this! Don't do that! Or else! So far, there's been no "or else."

I hope this new one is able to speak comprehensibly.

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