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Help! mania and hyperparthyroidism

From: renomnca - 2 years 17 weeks ago

My mother in law is suffering from a manic episode. She is 73 years old and had a similar episode last year. She has never before had any history or signs of mental illness. Anyway, I'm thinking there is perhaps a connection to her parathyroid issues but the doctors aren't pursuing it and are committing...yes, I said committing her to the psychiatric ward to treat her mania. They say it's not hyperparathyroidism because her calcium levels are normal. Tell me your thoughts... In the past 7 years, her calcium levels have been as low as 9.6 and as high as 10.4. Last year when she had her first manic episode it was 10.4 and this year during this episode it was 10.2. I know that that isn't much off of normal but it's interesting that the couple times it went just above normal was when she became manic. Also her pth levels have been as high as 156 and currently are 136. They haven't been below 123 since before 2010 (I only have records dating back to 2010). How can the doctors be ignoring this? Are they right or should we be pushing even harder? I actually did email Dr. Norman and am waiting on a reply but wanted to hear other people's experiences. Thank you so much!!

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