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Hyperparathyroidism? Need way to convince doc to test!

From: lacasajo - 10 years 17 weeks ago

I am having trouble getting my doc to investigate my abnormal calcium results further. Had a calcium of 10.6, but no PTH test done at that time. Then I had a 9.5 with a PTH of 40. Was told all was well, don't worry... which I didn't. Then recently (several months have now passed)I met a woman who had a parathyroidectomy and I casually mentioned I had had a high calcium last year. She convinced me to check Dr. Norman's website and get further investigation. I did get another lab test with a calcium of 10.0 and a PTH of 50, supposedly normal. But Dr. Norman's website says "normal" means your calcium should pretty much stay at a number in the 9's plus or minus 0.2, that is, not much variability. Mine has varied from 9.5-10.6! And why would my PTH be higher (50) at a calcium of 10.0 than it was at 9.5 (PTH of 40)? Shouldn't it be the other way around? I am tempted to take my package of Dr. Norman's information to my doctor! He mentions getting "ionized calcium" tested, but doesn't give a detailed explanation. Does this give a clearer answer, even if the serium calcium and PTH keep bouncing all over the place? Any advice, suggestions, comments from you personal experience would be appreciated! I don't have any specific symptoms, although I am post-menopausal and there are so many similarities - poor sleep, anxiety, feeling "old", less get-up-and-go. Thanks, Jo

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Hi Jo!
After being away from this site for almost a year, I returned out of curiosity and ran across your post. You have mentioned having a few tests for calcium, blood labs, correct? Has your Dr. done a urine test yet, if so and it is positive for calcium, that would give you your answer. So much great information on Dr. Norman's website, unfortunately most M.D.'s are not as aware. You certainly could take the information from Dr. Norman's website to your Dr. (I did to mine) My Dr. wasn't interested, and at first the nurse warned me to be careful when on-line. As time went on the nurse seemed to take me more seriously, as she realized I had accurate knowledge about hyperparathyroidism. Continue to do your homework, it seems we need to be our own advocate when it comes to our health.