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I need a good Endo and Surgeon for HPTH and thyroid nodules

From: Bama_Lori - 9 years 32 weeks ago

I live in Birmingham Alabama;

I cannot afford the 2500 to go see Dr. Norman in Tampa, hell they wont even resond to my emails until I send them 1700 and were rude about that, and had no compassion when I told them how sick I was and had no extra money....basically I got a big bugger off.

I do not want exploratory surgery, I only want the MIRP. My sestamibi was negative and none here will even talk about the MIRP unless they can see it on the scan... I was going to the VA...but care there, well, its not care.

So, I have BCBS now and I want a good endocrinologist and a good surgeon within 200 miles of Birmingham that will do MIRP with no FNA or positive sestamibi scan....blood test tells the tale, and been sick for 10+ years.

Having a real problem here finding anyone that will do what Dr. Norman says he will. Too bad I cant afford Tampa...that's the thing about being sick....NO MONEY.

Seems like Dr. Norman should let you pay him, after he gets you well enough to work, just my opinion.

Advice anyone?


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There is a doctor in Atlanta that some have gone to that uses MIRP and trained under Dr. Norman -

If you are on Facebook there are two parathyroid discussion groups, just search for Parathyroid and you will see them. Lots of information there, Lori. I couldn't really afford to go to Dr. Norman but couldn't afford not will be four weeks tomorrow that I had my surgery and I don't regret going there one bit. I didn't know about the Atlanta surgeon until after I had already planned to go to Florida. Good luck!

Is this good advice?


For those who cannot obtain the skilled services in going to Tampa, here's a list compiled from posters on the site (formed by the generous donation of Dr. Norman). This list was created by former patients of his who were grateful for his help and wanted to return the favor by helping others.

BTW, the list is updated when we receive new posters that can offer positive recommendations, so you may continue to check it periodically as the list grows. Much good luck!