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I am going crazy about to throw in the towel on a 25 year marriage;until I found this site. I was diagnosed believe it or not by my diet doctor who ran some tests because he was worried about something and Bingo he found it. As it turns out he was a pathologist in his earlier years probably helped but he didnt seem that alarmed and never said one word about a tumor and this has been close to 90 days now. I have been trying to fix what i thought was my vitamin d deficiency problem,,,,???the videos explained it very clearly except i cant find info on this part of my problem????huge emotional mood swings, I have gone from a girl everyone has compared to Polyanna because I have always seen the good in everyone and every situation to putting a gun in my mounth 60 days ago to blow my head off. I have never even experienced depression on any level but mild and passing no bigeee! Now I accuse my husband of having a girlfriend...I was previously never ever jealous in my life...and now my depression is so deep i am chasing everyone away and I always wanted to live to be 100 and dance to this PERSON. WHO is EMOTIONALLY BANKRUPT IS IT THIS DESEASE? CAUSING my personality change and mood fluctuations...I cry every day all day.what is wrong? I will find a specialist tomorrow but in the mean time it was diagnosed as secondary hyperparathyroidism and I cant find that on this site. Can anyone help me?
Lesley in california sacramento looking for a referral to a specialist?YOU CAN EVEN EMAIL ME AT LES233@GMAIL.COM

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