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Hyperparathyriodism and thyroid nodules

From: Confused1981 - 4 years 38 weeks ago

I am 34 F. I have had high calcium levels for at least the last 3 and a half years. I have now been diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism and hypercalcimia. I have suffered one kidney stone 2 months ago. I also have thyriod nodules. I had a biopsy of 2 of the larger ones and they are cancer free. As for my parathyroid, the 1st scan I had done did not show which parathyriod gland is the cause. I am waiting on the results of my CT scan now. My Dr suggests removal of my entire thyroid when they do the parathyroid surgery. I feel so undecided because there is nothing actually wrong with my thyroid. Just nodules. They don't really bother me. But he said at my age they could grow larger or turn cancerous and I'd need to have them monitored for the rest of my life. Any input on this would be appreciated. Anyone in the same boat? I don't really want to have hypothyroidism from this also, you know? Thank you so much!

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I was in this same boat a year ago. I had undiagnosed HPT and a nodule on my thyroid the size of a golf ball. My advice is to call the Norman Parathyroid Center | Phone: (813) 972-0000 and talk to the people there. They can tell you what to do. You won't get hypothyroidism. You can talk to the professionals who really know this stuff. Or go to and read, read, read. It will help you so much. Do NOT go to any doctor who suggests removing your entire thyroid without checking out this guy in Tampa first. I had 2 HUGE parathyroid glands and the nodule removed from my thyroid and I am so much better now. Please go to this website, call or email them, but do something now before that doctor talks you into something you will regret.
Best of luck to you and let me know what you do.

Is this good advice?

I am facing a similar issue. No you don't need your entire thyroid removed. That's what health care/insurance wants to do to save them money, in case you might need, and I mean, really have a justification, for a second surgery. It's like the early days of breast cancer treatment where they just whacked the entire breast.
Look into JAMA and the abstracts for the AHNA July 2016 conference. It's very revealing when the professional studies conclude that an extreme global procedure will save the institution money, even if it is entirely irrelevant and unnecessary. Also, a good study and medical opinion on Endocrine Web: Ethical Considerations for Continued Observation of Thyroid Lesions. Then ask yourself--if you lose the entire thyroid--do I want to be dependent on pharmaceuticals the rest of my life? I'm sure big Pharma working with Big Medicine would be grateful for your dependence.

I have decided that Monitoring is not a big deal and much lower risk that thyroid gland removal, even half of it.

As for the parathyroid gland, I'm still mystified about why my doctors at my current HMO, Kaiser Mid Atlantic don't know which gland is the offender after 3 high tech scans. I have been waiting 4 months for a decision.