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Hyperparathyroidism concerns

From: Alleycat - 3 years 1 week ago

I'm am a 36 yr old female. I went to my dr with complaints of extreme fatigue, extreme lower back pain at the end of sept. She referred me to ortho doc for back, noted my BP was high and sent me for blood work. The results came back that my calcium was high 11.1. So she sent me back for more blood work a week or so later. This time the serum calcium was 11.7, my PTH level was 168 and my ionized calcium was 12.5. Is is normal for my calcium to have jumped up that high in such a short period of time? She gave me referral to endo but they can't see me til the END OF MARCH!!! I'm trying to get into a different one if they can see me sooner. Shouldn't my primary be at least monitoring my calcium levels on a regular basis until I get in? And I feel like she should order a bone scan, I really feel like my back pain could be due to osteoporosis? I've done lots of research about it. Seems I'm much more concerned about my health than any of these doctors are. Anyone have osteoporosis in lower back as a result of Hyperparathyroidism? Any input would be appreciated.

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It's classic Parathyroid tumor. Your Calcium levels should be in the 9's, But it will bounce around. It is high but that does not determine the severity. It's how long the Ca has been elevated and what is your Vit. D level. Primary can not and should not try to treat this. You have too much Ca on your blood, when it should be i your bones, After endo works you upthey will refer you to a surgeon. Removal of PARATHYROID TUMOR, Benign .

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I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism 2 weeks ago. My calcium was 8.5 and PTh was 139. Bone density showed osteopenia in left lower arm, normal in chest and leg areas. had scan done of neck and nothing showed up. I had the nuclear scan done, but no tumor showed up again. They want to see me in 6 months. I have severe fatigue and joint pain in ankles, back, and right shoulder. I'm now wondering what to do next. I totally understand your concerns. I am a teacher and have to continue working. This has been very frustrating.

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Kip, I went through the same thing. Doc kept saying we will watch it and see. Darn near killed me. I emailed Dr Norman at after reading almost every page of his website and deciding I had this condition. His office called back and had me send them my test results and I got a diagnosis, paid the fee, and got a date for the surgery, flew down to Tampa and had the surgery to remove two of my parathyroid glands that were HUGE and a golf ball size nodule tumor from my Thyroid gland that nobody had noticed until then. And now it has been just over a year since my surgery and I can think clearly, I don't fly off the handle at every little thing, my wrists and ankles don't hurt as much, and I got my energy back - I am just all around feeling better. If you can afford it take the matter into your own hands and contact Dr Norman like I did. You won't go wrong. Turns out my records showed that I had had "hypercalcemia" for over 12 years before it was diagnosed. Dr Norman did the surgery on me himself and it was over and done in 20 minutes. I stayed in Tampa for a week but was too miserable to enjoy my "vacation" but I kept taking the calcium supplements as directed after the surgery and had no more kidney stones or pain and only a little hungry bone pain. Good luck. Don't wait.

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