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Post Parathyroid and partial Thyroid surgery questions

From: Goodoman - 11 years 9 weeks ago

Hi, I had a parathyroid and my right thyroid lobe (had benign nodule) removed in June 2010. I had the DaVinci robot surgery with the incision under my right arm and have not had any pain or problems with my incision. Since the surgery I have been experiencing tingling/numbness on the right side of my neck across my right shoulder and in my right arm and leg. My surgeon insists this is not nerve damage from the surgery and the amount of calcium taken on any given day does not seem to make any difference. I had been taking 4000mg of Tums a day until my calcium level reached 10.4, now I am being told to only take 1-2 500mg Tums a day. I am not on any thyroid medication at all. Is this normal after surgery? I do not have any tingling/numbness in my face, lips, toes or anywhere on my left side. Help, this is driving me crazy! Thanks

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Hi, I had parathyroid surgery March 2010. I take 2000 mg of Calcium per day. I was told to take Citrate Calcium by one dr and Calcium Carbonate by another so I take both for now. I don't always take my tums with food so I think this is a better balance for me. I do not have any numbness or tingling. I had a small incision at the middle of my neck. I feel good except for some bone pain. I am being followed every 6 months with lab work.