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hyperthyroid, fast heart rate, hypertension

From: kurnia - 11 years 22 weeks ago

I have a thyroid surgery on 2001, after the surgery my thyroid hormon level are normal. Until on january 2010, I tested my hormon which results TSHs 0.011 uIU/mL , T3 2.09 ng/mL , T4 12.91 ug/dL
I also have another test, which is FT4 0.93 ng/dL and TRAb < 1.0
Sometimes I also experience my heart rate faster than usual, not too fast I think, about 90-95 bpm.(Usually about 80-85 bpm)
My question is, is my faster heart rate is caused by thyroid problems? Is this fast heart rate or my thyroid problems can cause hypertension (155/100)? (I never have hypertension before)
If there's anyone can help or having the same experience, pls help.

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Kurnia, in responce to your question, yes, hyperthyroidism kicked my heartrate to overdrive and was put on meds to slow it down and also my bloodpressure went up and high cholestrol. I am awaiting surgery for total thyroid removal. Hope this was some helpful.