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need some answers for my 5 yr daughter

From: Penner5 - 11 years 23 weeks ago

My DD who is 5 yrs has had some problems of her right side of her face swelling. So I took her to the dr and the dr runs some blood work. I got a call from the dr who told me that her thyroid levels are at 60(she is hypothroid)but what surprised the dr is her parathyroid levels were 240. I was told that parathyroid levels should be under 50. Her's were too high. I am worried about what this all means! I know from the dr that her calcuim levels from her bllod work was normal. The dr ordered more blood work to be done. Testing her vit.d levels. A urine test to test her calcuim levels and kidneys. My dd already had type 1 daibetes(dx'd at 18months and like I said has hypothyroid)Can anyone telme what I should expect or if I should be concern about her parathyroid level being so high???? Please help if you can!

Thank you

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