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Is there a link between thyroiditis and hyperparathyroidism?

From: joystoy99 - 6 years 28 weeks ago

In November I was diagnosed with severe thyroiditis. It finally started coming to an end at the end of December. In January I had a thyroid scan and nodules were detected. I was told it was no big deal. This onth my hair started falling out, REALLY falling out. My calcium level was 11.3. Still waiting for add'l PTH levels and more calcium tests.
I am fairly sure that I have hyperparathyroid issues. Just wondering if there is any correlation between the thyroidits and the hyperparathyroid issues ??

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Is this good advice?

I just sign up for this site. Has your doctor confirmed the link?
My US showed enlarged Thyroid with Blood work with abnormal results: TSH = 0, T3= 5.2 and T4= 1.87. More blood shows Parathyroidism - Calcium 11.8 and Vitamin D= 21. PTH high normal at 62.47.
I am also wondering what the link might be. My physician is talking about removing my Thyroid and Parathyroid once I am more stable. My Heart Rate as been as high as 153 with excretion. I am now on a betablocker to control BP and pulse.
I see this is a few weeks old. If you know anything more now, please share.