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What should I expect tomorrow with surgery?

From: keech - 8 years 47 weeks ago

I am so scared...I have to have the surgery at 9 in the morning.....the "bad" parathyroid did not show up on the scan, so the surgeon has to go in and look for it, he said it will be about a 4-5 hr operation with most of that time "testing" to see if my calc. level is back to normal....I am worried about the anestesia and everything else, what if this problem is not a parathyroid probelm?? What if something else happens??......and now they tell me to pack a bag for a "few" days stay! My surgeon said maybe overnight! Is there any reason to stay in for more than 1 night?? I read dr. Normans site, and this surgeon said it will be about a 2" scar, but he said it is better to "look" at the parathryiod instead of letting a probe find it...Oh well, wish me luck......I wish I could back out!!

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Is this good advice?

I replied to this post of yours under "hyperparathyroidism diagnosis" by kayjay57.
Please let me know how your surgery turnes out.

Is this good advice?

May I please hear of your outcome?

I have recently had a MIRP surgery with Dr. James Norman, with tremendous outcome I might add.

I was horrified to hear that a surgeon would actually go in to look for your diseased parathyroid when he had not determined which one it was "before" the surgery. Horror of horrors! hear from you!

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