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Evidently hyperparathyroid symptoms are self induced...

From: deedee - 11 years 40 weeks ago

Or so that's what the Dr.s are telling us!! I am writing on behalf of my mother who was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism approximately 2 months ago. She first went to her Dr with bone pain in her pelvis which was diagnosed as "tendonitis". NOT!!! The only thing that's been done this entire time is one simple A/P pelvis x-ray, and three rounds of blood work. The x-ray showed osteitis symphysis pubis. The blood work showed high calcium levels and high parathyroid levels. We have been to Dr. Norman's website. She has everyone of the symptoms and then some!! She is to the point that she can hardly function. She can barely walk, she can't sleep, she doesn't eat much, she has headaches, pain, trouble breathing, varying levels of high blood pressure, dizziness, and all seems to be getting worse day by day. Yet, when she goes to the Dr.'s they perscribe tylenol round the clock. Recently she went in and was told that it's all psych induced stress and was perscribed medication for anxiety. How do you find a Dr. that understands the diesase and isn't going to just write it off as a psych episode? The endocirnologist who is supposed to be the expert suggested she be on Vitamin D supplements and hormone replacement therapy!! How can the experts be so uneducated? She has a family history of blood clotting disorders that the endocrinologist was aware of! Hormone replacement could cause clots and Vitamin D is a big no-no according to Dr. Norman. Are there any competant doctors in the Michigan? If so, where can we find them?

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Unfortunately, your Michigan doctors appear to be as uninformed as some of those here in Kansas. I had to self diagnose my parathyroid disease and Dr. Norman seconded the notion!
Since you know of him, perhaps you would find it interesting that I am just two weeks post-op from his MIRP surgery--and what a blessing it has turned out to be. I had your mom's symptoms, plus many, many more. I am continuing to see resolution to these symptoms almost on a daily basis.

I wish we had a private forum to discuss your mom's particular situation. My heart goes out to you and her both. But since I can't give out my email to everyone, I guess this forum will have to do!

What I do know for sure is that elevated calcium/PTH levels, associated with bone loss is the best reason in the world to see the "best parathyroid doctor in the world" (Dr. James Norman).

Hope to hear from you!