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High PTH/Normal Calcium Levels

From: Donna1 - 7 years 3 weeks ago

I'm looking for advice. I had gastric bypass approx 8 yrs ago. For the last year my PTH level waivers from 150 to 220 which maximum level should be 65. My calcium is normal at around 9.4. My endo doc advises I do not absorb calcium due to gastric bypass. I am now up to 50,000 (yes 50,000) units of Vit D daily along with 2500 mg of calcium. I take the calcium in 500 mg doses 5 x day. Still I cannot bring my PTH down. I'm now diagnosed with osteoporosis because my endo doc explains that since my body does not absorb calcium normally it is taking it from my bones this is why my calcium level is normal because my parathyroid is doing it's job and getting the calcium it needs from my bones. I'm very scared. Right now I am just in the beginning stages of osteoporosis but it will continue to get worse if I can't start absorbing calcium. I'm taking extra magnesium along with soaking in epson salt (magnesium) once a week. Does anyone have any suggestions.

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Donna, you might find some answers at Dr. Norman's website,

Hyperparathyroidism is complicated and there are some handy charts there as well as material you can take to your doctor. I'm have hyperparathyroidism and find Dr. Norman's site immensely helpful.