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Papillary Micro carcinoma

From: myway711 - 12 years 8 weeks ago

After 4 years of living with high calcium counts, specialist was finally able to pin point, not only a bad parathyroid gland that was actually in my thyroid, pathology revealed papillary microcarcinoma. The entire thyroid was removed.(in 2 separate surgeries - 1 week apart) I am now on cytomel, thyroid hormone. In the next 3 weeks I am scheduled for i-131 radioactive iodine pill. Does anyone have any experience with this type of therapy. All replies are greatly appreciated.

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my husband was diagnosed with papillary microcarcinoma 3 months ago. He was 33 years old. His surgeon performed Near total thyroidectomy with anterior neck dissection. He was not advised by his endocrinologist to undergo i-131 but he was in synthroid. It was his only treatment.