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From: abby 334 - 12 years 11 weeks ago

Im a 50 year old female i have been having mass kidney stones sence 16 i have bone pain,high blood pressure,low vitamin d,hair thinning,loss of energy,cant concentrate,depression,osteoporosis,cant sleep,memory loss,heart palpitations,gastric acid,headaches,i have 5 fractures in my right that wont heal i also have myasthenia gravis, my pth intact calcium is 10.6 my vitamin d is 9.9 and my calcium level is 10.7 my doctor tells me everything is fine. Tamra said that her endos ordered the wrong calcium test does anyone know what the right test is? If anyone has any advice for me i would love to hear it. I have to keep my foot in a bone healing machine for 10 hours aday. thanks abby 334

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I am new to this site and read your post, and I see that it was 22 weeks ago. My heart goes out to you and I wonder if by this time what your up-date is. Have you found any help? I am also a 50 year old female with the similar symptoms as you, except for the kidney stones (not yet) and no fractures in feet. However, the pain in my pelvis as if it may be a fracture is what brought me to the Dr. in the first place two months ago (first diagnosed as "tendonitis" then after an x-ray they say it is "osteitis symphsis") A few blood tests later proved high levels of calcium in my blood. The best information we have found has been provided by Dr. Norman on his website, but obviously everyone cannot be treated by him. It appears that the majority of the medical world has not been educated yet to his theory of treatment of hyperparathyroidism. So the question is; where to find a Dr. that is on the same page as Dr. Norman? Not being a Dr. myself, I take in information and have to use common sense. Dr. Norman's knowledge and expertise are easy to understand, it makes sense to me.
After reading all your symptoms, how could any Dr. tell you everything is fine? That doesn't sound "fine" to me. I hope by this time you have found some better help, I would like to hear from you.
sincerely, deedee

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I'm new to this site as well! I self diagnosed my parathyroid tumor and chose to be treated by Dr. James Norman. It was not without great effort and some extra $$ that I flew from Kansas to Florida for my MIRP at the Norman Parathyroid Center. I do not regret it for a moment! After being sick for almost 20 years, I found out I cannot put a "price", as they say, on my health.

I have posted a new discussion at this site and would be pleased to hear from you and would be happy to answer any questions, also!

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I hope to hear, by now, that the correct ionized/serum calcium test, PTH intact test and DEXA scan have been performed on you to accurately diagnose whether you have a parathyroid tumor.

As a recent MIRP surgery patient I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. With your permission, I would like to discuss your particulars more in-depth (possibly to include this information in a book I am writing regarding this disease).

Thank you!