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Elevated calcium and muscle twitches

From: DPF1976 - 12 years 11 weeks ago

I've been having muscle twitches for a little over a month. It started in my pinky finger and is now all over (mostly in my hands and legs). I've also been very irratible and feel like I'm in a fog. I have bad neck pain (in the back of my neck on both sides), headaches, and trouble sleeping at night. I went to my doctor who put me on Zoloft for anxiety. I have a 4-month-old baby so she thinks it might be postpartum. She also referred me to a neurologist for an MRI (my appointment is in a few weeks). My doctor also did some bloodwork and everything came back normal except for elevated calcium. She wants to recheck my calcium in a few weeks. Could elevated calcium be causing all my symptoms - even muscle twitches? I'm breastfeeding - could that be complicating the calcium issue?

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I have been having muscle twitches also. My calcium is 10.7 and i have low vitamin d of 9.9 but my pth intact is only 16 and my pth intact calcium is 10.6 my doctor said that i dont have hyperparathyroidism i dont know what to do. maybe i need to find a new doctor. i wish you good luck on your out come. I cant wait to hear what they find out about you.