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Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency

From: Kourtenay - 11 years 10 weeks ago

I am needing to get more information regarding Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency. I have had a parathyroid adenoma removed. I am currently taking Vitamin D also. My tests have shown that my DHEA-S is low and also IGF-1 and growth hormone are low. Last week I had a test for Growth Hormone supression and this week I was supposed to have a Growth Hormone Stimulation test, but was told that they no longer make Arginine which is needed to run this test. I feel as though my endocrinologist is unsure of what to do and I am tired of waiting to feel better. I am proactive regarding my health and am starting to not trust the doctors as to making the best decision in my care (except Dr. Norman -Tampa Bay Parathyroid!). I know that growth hormone is common in children and I just want to know what procedures that they are using to diagnose this problem. Many thanks for your help!

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I also have low levels on an IGF-1 test. I am also tired of feeling tired.
I checked with Optimal Health, and they took more blood tests, and said
my IGF-1 level should be higher than 76. They said their clinic could raise
the level to 200 to 300. The problem is they want me to drive from Indianapolis
to Chicago for a health exam. I am still checking in Indianapolis to find a doctor,
but this is almost impossible.
My insurance covers HGH that the Optimal Health prescribes.
If anyone know more about this problem, please reply.
I ask at health food stores, and they do not know what the IGF-1 blood test is.

Is this good advice?

I know that this discussion was posted a long time ago but if you know anything about growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor 1(IGF-1), please PLEASE do reply.
Very briefly, I have been complaining for a few years about numerous symptoms that made me think I had a problem with my thyroid (fatigue, weight gain, memory/concentration, etc).
I have been tested for Cushing's syndrome, hypothyroidism, coeliac disease but all came back negative.
I do have PCOS and thyroid antibodies (but TSH at 1.9).
My last blood tests revealed very low growth hormone level and high insulin-like growth factor 1. I am 32, female.
I am seeing the endocrinologist in 10 days but cannot find out what these results mean. Any idea?
Please Help! I am so worried.