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Hairloss after hyperthyroid tx and med adjustment

From: doriathome - 9 years 37 weeks ago

I recently had the radioactive iodine treatment and am now undergoing adjustment of my thyroid medications. I am experiencing A LOT of hair loss. How much hair loss am I supposed to expect. I have called the MD and am waiting for her to get back to me. I don't normally bother my doctors and I never go to chats. So.... I guess this is really freaking my out. I am used to long blonde thick hair and I have only about half of my original hair volume, my hair is dry, brittle, and falling out by the gobs daily. I shed like crazy. My scalp itches. How much is normal???? help

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Oh, I can totally relate. My thyroid meds have to be adjusted because it's too low. About two months ago, I also had long, thick, blonde hair, and I lost 80% of it. My doctor said see a dermatologist, but why? I'm hypothyroid. Luckily my hair was so thick, that if I use a volumizing shampoo & mousse, you can't tell.. THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU. ALL MY HAIR LOSS OCCURRED DURING TWO SEPARATE WASHINGS, AND SINCE THEN, IT'S FINE. Really, don't panic.. I know it's hard to think of "No stress" but try to take it in stride. You can respond by being pro-active, like talking to your doctor, or, see a dermatologist. I'm sure he/she can make recommendations, because a lot of medications have this side effect. You are not alone!! Good luck, and let's keep our fingers crossed for both of us! Linda

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I started on Metformin 500 mg twice daily in June of 2009...I also take Verapamil and Diovan for BP.....I had no problems till I started the Metformin.......Now,like you,I have steadily been losing my hair,till the scalp shines....My Dr. says,NO PROBLEM!!!! Well,,,,,he's a man and already BALD....I'm hoping this is only temporary......THYROID HAS BEEN CHECKED, AND IS NORMAL.

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