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need help for hope

From: needinghopeintx - 12 years 17 weeks ago

I was diagnosed with graves 2 years ago and have since undergone surgery and removal of my thyroid gland in whole and all 8 parathyroid glands were beond saving or keeping in, since then I am now being treated with synthroid a thyroid replacement hormone and have been not so well I suffer from mini strokes still and depression is worsening everyday I guess what I am trying to find is someone who may have these symptoms and have maybe alternative therapy ideas or suggestions that may help me gain a better sense of well being. I don't know how long that I can keep this pain from harming my day to day life or how to keep my childern out of the mix.

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I am not experiencing the depression, but I am wondering if you experienced hair loss? 6 months ago I had the radioactive iodine therapy. My doctor has been adjusting my synthroid upwards because my levels remain low. I knew I would loose some hair, but the amount I am loosing is really a lot by my standards.

Is this good advice?

Once the doctor has found the right prescription, I would stay with the name brand, and not the generic. My daughter and I both found excessive hair loss when we use the generic brands. They are supposed to be the same as, but we found out they are not. I hope this helps the hair loss.