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Parathyroid disease and low alkaline phosphatase

From: Tamra - 12 years 19 weeks ago

Does anyone else have parathyroid disease and low alk phosphatase? My endo believes I have 'mild' parathyroid disease because my calcium (ranging weekly from 9.4-10.4) and PTH (ranging weekly from 40-71) are not very elevated.

She is more concerned with my low alkaline phosphatase (ranging from 20-24) and she believes this, not my parathyroid, may be causing my bone aches.

I am wondering if the bad parathyroid is causing the alkaline phosphatase to drop. Any one else have this problem?


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1 Response

Is this good advice?

This long after your initial post I am just wondering if you have found any answers?

I just cannot imagine an endocrinologist referring to parathyroid disease as mild. You have jumped the first two hurdles (elevated calcium/PTH levels) in diagnosing this disease. Have you had a DEXA scan, yet, to jump the third and final hurdle?

I wish you would direct your alkaline phosphatase question to Dr. James Norman. I would be interested in his response as well as his reaction to your endo's comments!

Hope to hear from you!