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Hyperparathyroidism Support Community Discussions

Hypo to Hyper

Started by Tennislover 14 weeks 2 days ago

Lump on Parathyroid gland Normal bloodwork

Started by jshebib 26 weeks 4 days ago

Hyperparathyroidism after parathyroidectomy

Started by loriprice827 2 years 6 weeks ago

Rising PTH after 3-gland hyperplasia removal

Started by Here in Wisconsin 31 weeks 2 days ago

Hyperparathyroidism and The run around...

Started by Timsnik 2 years 34 weeks ago

Parathyroid High, then low, all tests are within range

Started by sandih12 1 year 7 weeks ago


Started by KellyL1231 43 weeks 2 days ago

After parathyroidectomy

Started by Here in Wisconsin 36 weeks 1 day ago

High PTH Level

Started by louiset65 1 year 34 weeks ago

Constant lump feeling in throat

Started by Krizty6 1 year 2 days ago

Classic results, normal scans, feeling defeated

Started by jjsluck 1 year 18 weeks ago

High Parathyroid low calcium results normal calcium...

Started by Tania O 1 year 25 weeks ago

Thyroid and parathyroid challenges

Started by Mrock 1 year 27 weeks ago

Hair loss, weight loss, and Synthroid level at 150mcg!

Started by kyliegmps 9 years 9 weeks ago

Hyperparathyroidism, but "normal" calcium levels?

Started by johnathanhebert 9 years 21 weeks ago

Fluctuating PTH and Calcium Levels, Vitamin D Deficient

Started by Muse 2 years 2 weeks ago

Thyroid nodule, normal TSH, High PTH, low normal calcium, low Vitamin D

Started by sickandtired@ 2 years 16 weeks ago

Low Cortisol. Feeling horrible.

Started by jeremyh 2 years 41 weeks ago

1 25 vitamin level high

Started by Shafowsfall47 2 years 22 weeks ago
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