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Posted in: Hyperglycemia, and Hypothyroidism.

Numbers & Symptoms: What Do They Mean?

From: UPC SS Teacher - 9 years 18 weeks ago

TSH 17.38
Thyriod Peroxidase Ab >1300
Antithyroblobulin Ab 90
T4 Free 0.74
T3 Free 2.7
The only thing I can understand about the above numbers is that the T3 free is in the normal range. My Dr. (family practioner) says I am hypothyriod. She RX levothyroxine sodium 25mg, but I after loosing
6 lbs and feeling full, having no apetite, she dropped it to 12.5. I now weigh 100.6, and I'm only 5 ft tall. Diagnosed hypothyriod Jan 2012, symptoms started 2002, first high number of 9.24 in 2007. Dr said come back for another TSH, I didn't realize it was important and diregarded Dr. request for lab test. I got pink eye in Decmeber and saw another psysician who noted my enlarged thyriod, I told him about my high number, he recommended me come back and get it tested, and I did.
My "classic" symptoms are:
Dry Skin
Hair Loss (very mild)
General Achyness all Over
Memory Loss (this is pretty bad!!)
Serious Cold Intolerance

Other Conditions/Symptoms:
Migranes - Diagnosed Jan 2012
Pre-ventricular contractions- Diag. 2007
Hypoglycemia- Diag 1999

Loss of skin pigmentation
Ringing in ears
Ear pain/fullness that gets worse with a cold or illness
Thinning outter eyebrows
Loss of almost all my eyelashes
Loss of words, hard time explaining things
Foggy Thinking
Very Hungry feeling, but easily filled
Felling of being Full
Lack of desire to eat food, even things I like, such as chocolate
I have a very high metobolism, I have lost weight very quicky after having all of my children, they are 15, 9, & 19 months. Anybody else with these symptoms?
What does all this mean?

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Hello UPC SS Teacher, Your TSH is high, your thyroid hormones are a little low, and positive antibody test. Positive antibodies suggest autoimmune condition Hashimoto's. It's important to go back to your doctor and address it. Diet and some lifestyle changes are equally important. For example,some "healthy" vegetables interfere with thyroid hormones and give low energy. If you need a thyroid diet and lifestyle changes support you can contact me at www. I am a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Hypothyroid condition is my specialty. All the best to you

Is this good advice?

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