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What kind of pre-diabetes

From: lizette - 4 years 45 weeks ago

I am 67 years old, female, with Hashimotos who has also had Graves Disease. Almost ten years ago I had some fasting blood sugars just over 100. I had insulin levels tested and they were slightly below average. My A1C was around 5.4. Recently I had an A1c of 6. Watched diet a little and it went down to 5.7. After a couple of months on a very low carb ketogenic diet it went down to 5.5. Additionally C-Peptide and insulin levels were a little below normal and actually went up to barely in the normal range when I was on the low carb diet, which is curious since they say that lowers insulin levels. I've tested blood sugar and some carbs can make it go as high as around 160 with a couple being higher but usually just a very moderate carbohydrate meal with raise it to around 145 and it will be around 122 two hours later. Generally in the morning before breakfast it has ranged around 97-101 but sometimes a little higher or lower. When I first had the high A1C the doctor wanted me to have a cardiac calcium scan, which came back ZERO percent calcification. Additionally I have normal blood pressure and always have, I have low LDL and HDL that is higher than my LDL (around 80), totally normal triglycerides, although I've battled weight all my life I've never been in the obese range and right now I am just low enough to be in the normal range for BMI. I've also always tended to carry weight evenly with a smaller waist. So, I've never had any symptoms of metabolic syndrome except the blood sugars. What puzzles me is they always want to label this as Type 2 yet I can't say I have EVER had high insulin levels. I still watch carbs though I did find it rather hard to stick to the ketogenic diet long term. It took 5 months eating practically no carbs and about 1400 calories a day to lose ten pounds. I take thyroid and have totally normal levels on testing. I can't really get a straight answer on this because I don't seem to fit into any of the usual categories for blood sugar problems.

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