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Seems like narcolepsy only after dinner zzzzzzzzz

From: Jayci - 4 years 45 weeks ago

I'm under the care of a pain management doctor for a rare spinal cord disease called "adhesive arachnoiditis". I got this from direct damage to my spinal cord when I broke my neck and thoracic (middle spine) vertebra. I'm not paralyzed, but I suffer major pain 24/7/365... but since this spinal cord disease affects everything below it - meaning everything below my neck, my doctor dismisses many complaints as being part of the spinal cord damage (the signals to and from my brain get scrambled).
I noticed about 2 months ago that after I eat a large meal, I get so sleepy and fall asleep almost immediately after eating. It doesn't matter what I eat, but because it's dinner, my mom makes large meals. During the day I am not really that hungry but Mom fixes large meals for dinner. Usually I don't have an appetite, but I am hungry, so I "clear the plate". Within minutes of finishing dinner, I fall asleep FAST. I mean even while standing up.
I notice it only happens after a big meal (if Mom makes a big breakfast for Sunday morning? Zzzzzzzzz!). But no matter what is served, after the large meal at dinner, I'm truly hating life. I have a saying now "Dinner time means my day is over."
I'm on several medications for the pain this disease causes as well as an antidepressant (Klonopin) I take Gabapentin for the nerve pain and two types of opiate-based medications for the rest of the pain that adhesive arachnoiditis causes. I realize my words are kinda all over the place - adhesive arachnoiditis and the pain cause short term memory loss - anyway, my doctor said that not only is my spinal cord damaged and I have a loss of 60% CSF flow, but on top of the pain, my organs are also affected because nerve signals get "short circuited" from the disease in my spinal cord. (This is why he shrugs off additional complaints), but this narcolepsy like symptom only happens after a large meal. I don't sleep well at night due to pain and discomfort.
I don't recall what I wrote, even writing this I started dreaming about writing this with my eyes partially open but asleep (I ate dinner about an hour ago).
BUT, this is the weird thing: if I eat a big breakfast (more than a toasted bagel with cream cheese), I am sleepy enough to fall back to sleep for a few hours. Then the rest of the day I am groggy, but if I don't go lay down, it passes in an hour or two and I'm okay for the day. Same with lunch, so it must have something to do with larger sized meals. If I can stay awake for a few hours after dinner, I tend to reverse and I am up all night, wide awake!
I hate this because I feel as if I'm sleeping my life away.
I have no energy through the day, but I cannot excersize due to my injury (even a short walk of 20 steps on a flat surface harms my spine). I cannot do weights I have a 5 pound weight limit and that's not to be a repetitive lifting, cycles, step climbers, you name it, I can't excercise or spell "excersize"...
Does anyone have any ideas as to how to beat this near-narcolepsy after I eat large meals?*

* "large" meaning a plate of food, not a multi-course dinner.
Sorry for the spelling errors, my eyes are barely open.

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