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PTH Intact Hight out of Range

From: maurene - 9 years 19 weeks ago

My Rheumatologist included PTH Intact lab in my bloodwork. It came back High at 86; Reference Range 10-65. My eGFR is Low at 54.80; Reference Range 60-130. Both BUN and Crea are High, Out of Range.

Calcium is normal at in mid-range, and after being on prescribed and over the counter vitamin D for over 6 months, my D level is within range.

I have fibromyalgia and osteoporosis and undifferentiated auto-immune disease. I feel TERRIBLE all the time and have for years.

The doctor is sending me to a endocrinologist next week because of the PTH Intact result.

He commented that it was odd that it was high because my vitamin D was within range. I have read that my Calcium level would typically be high if I have a parathyroid problem.

So what is going on with me? Any idea from prior experience?

I wish my patience was a virtue, but it is not.


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Maurene: I am new to this site and your post caught my eye with no responses. How are you doing now, 2014? I was diagnosed with a bad PTH, had two surgeries which were unsuccessful and am at a loss as to what is coming in the future. My calcium is 10.3 and my PTH is around 75. Please share your comments with me.

Is this good advice?

Peacherino, I see you too have had no responses to ANY of your comments. How frustrating for you with all you have been thru! I have had to do an immense amount of research over the past 6 years to get myself diagnosed. If what I have learned can be of any help I'd be more than happy to make someone else's path just a bit less gut-wrenching.
Aside from the website, I have found vast information on the website! I will say, my experience showed me that even tho my calcium never got over 10.5 and my PTH never higher than 98, I was more symptomatic than most any patients seen by Dr's Norman and Politz. I could not tolerate consuming any calcium at all! A milkshake could throw me into such depression it was more like the pits of despair. And I didn't get head aches I got massive head pain. But that was my experience. I have found we all respond in different ways. That's what makes this so hard to treat. I hope you are getting answers! Don't give up! Let me know if I can help answer some questions....