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Postprandial glucose normal ... fasting climbs until eating

From: Witchdoctor4 - 4 years 20 weeks ago

I have been trying to understand the mechanism that controls blood glucose while fasting. My glucose levels will be around 120 when I wake and continue to climb at a rate of around10 points per hour until I eat something..Then it drops. A1C generally above 9. I had to do a fasting glucose level in the afternoon and it went from 125 at 6am to 210 at 2pm. Not sure if these tie into the control mechanism or not, My body has always produced a lot of heat (rarely wear a coat in the midwest winters) Difficulty in sleeping, frequent urination. I can not seem to find what part of the endocrinology process would cause the body to continue to dump sugars into the blood stream until the gut starts the pancreas to produce insulin in response to food... any insight would be helpful

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