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Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Support Community Discussions

Low FT4?/normal tsh/very low ferritin

Started by shanlynw 5 years 47 weeks ago

From Hypothyroidism to Hyperthyroidism???

Started by Sleeping Lady 5 years 31 weeks ago

In Need of Help. Thyroid?

Started by AGreene110 5 years 38 weeks ago

Allergic to ALL thyroid meds-anyone else?

Started by mskiba53 7 years 12 weeks ago

Help understanding lab values.

Started by brenderc 5 years 34 weeks ago

Is this a part of Hypothyroidism?

Started by sleep1 5 years 35 weeks ago

Hashimotos and elevated PTH

Started by aileen1125 5 years 35 weeks ago

Alarming TFT's

Started by logansmom7402 5 years 36 weeks ago

Dr. just increased my dosage, what should I expect?

Started by graciesmom0208 5 years 44 weeks ago

Hashimoto's and No Answers

Started by amberlysanders 6 years 3 weeks ago

Living with Hoshimoto's

Started by itsmededi 5 years 38 weeks ago

unknown disorder

Started by jennifer226 5 years 41 weeks ago

I've gained 28 pds in two months..can't even look at myself

Started by ohsessa71 5 years 45 weeks ago

Help me diagnose my problem

Started by Sadia 5 years 44 weeks ago

New user here

Started by GreenTree 5 years 45 weeks ago

Are symptoms thyroid related or drug related?diabetes?

Started by thyroidproblem1 5 years 49 weeks ago

Convinced I have Thyroid problem, but normal tests.

Started by SickofbeingSick 6 years 7 weeks ago

Synthroid causing me jitters. How can I get rid of jitters?

Started by JosyM 6 years 5 days ago

Hashimoto's--is hair loss related to drop in TSH?

Started by melsone 6 years 1 week ago