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Hashimoto's and pregnancy

From: burdette81 - 6 years 24 weeks ago

I am currently at 18 weeks in my 4th pregnancy. I have been treated for Hashimotos for about 3 years now and prior to pregnancy had been on the same dosage of Levothyroxine for 18 months. Well, now things are going crazy. When I am pregnant, my body goes haywire. I am suffering from fatigue, insomnia, and heat sensitivity. My skin feels like something is crawling all over it whenever I get too warm whether it is in the shower or just working around the house or outside in the sun. My levels are within the normal range right now. 1.33 for tsh w/reflex FT4. MY old endo, kept my levels right at 0.5 during my entire last pregnancy and I really felt great. Unfortunately my new endorcrinologist disagrees and was very rude about telling me too. So, I am wondering it there are others who could tell me what their levels were kept at during pregnancy and whether they felt good at that dose or not. I do know that the normal range begins at 0.55 according to this lab, but I have seen a lower number on other websites.

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