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Rapid Heartrate and Intolerance to cold

From: legomommy8 - 8 years 28 weeks ago

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease about 7 years ago and currently taking Levothyroxine .088mg. I have not seen an endocrinologist in over 4 years due to a move but my regular GP does my labs and TSH has all been normal. Recently I was admitted to the ER for rapid heartrate (over 150) and no cause was found...they also checked my TSH and said it was normal. My question is does TSH being normal mean that my thyroid is fine? I also noticed lately I have major intolerance to cold...constantly shivering when it's under 68 degrees in the house. My skin has been really dry too. I'm wondering if the rapid heartrate is caused by my thyroid? I plan to make an appointment with an endo tomorrow but thought I'd ask here what your opinions are...
Thank you.

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Please go see a doctor. It sounds like something is going on. I have learned the test most doctors run makes it look like everything is normal with your thyroid. Need to make sure that T3s and T4s get checked to. That is symtoms that I was having a long with mood swings and feeling very tired. I just found out 3 weeks ago I have hypothyroidism.