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Throat pressure

From: JamieRN - 7 years 41 weeks ago

Hello everyone :-) I'm hoping to gain some insight on a few symptoms as I await my ENT consult. I just had my FNA of my thyroid done for a 1.5cm node. The results were "possible papillary neoplasm". My question is has anyone suffered from chronic pressure (choking type feeling) in their throat? It's driving me NUTS! It's severely distracting & at times drives me to near panic as it provokes a "I can't breath" feeling. The multi-nodular thyroid is not readily visible to others but very noticeable to me (can feel it move/snap in/out of place). Anyone else suffering with me or heard of this symptom? Thanks for listening :-)

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I am so, so, so happy to come across this discussion, because now I don’t feel so horribly alone in this!! (Misery loves company?) I too, have been dealing with this horrible lump/tightness in my throat! I was actually just recently diagnosed with Hashimotos disease.... my potassium kept dropping to extremely low levels and they found out it’s because I’ve been living in extreme hyperthyroidism as my thyroid is being killed off. Basically, my very first noticeable sign that anything was wrong was the lump/tightness feeling.... and it just never, ever went away..... the first time I felt it I actually thought I was having an anaphylactic reaction (which it was determined at the time not to be). The Methimazole did nothing for me unfortunately, and now I’m started on 60 mg of Prednisone to try to get this under control (after recently having a thyroid storm). I have my fingers and my toes crossed that this will help to relieve any inflammation that is causing the pressure.... it makes it hard to eat, it invokes extreme anxiety, and it has started to make me gag.... but during my thyroid ultrasound the endo made no mention of any nodules! Thoughts? And I hope everyone is doing well!

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