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Throat pressure

From: JamieRN - 5 years 49 weeks ago

Hello everyone :-) I'm hoping to gain some insight on a few symptoms as I await my ENT consult. I just had my FNA of my thyroid done for a 1.5cm node. The results were "possible papillary neoplasm". My question is has anyone suffered from chronic pressure (choking type feeling) in their throat? It's driving me NUTS! It's severely distracting & at times drives me to near panic as it provokes a "I can't breath" feeling. The multi-nodular thyroid is not readily visible to others but very noticeable to me (can feel it move/snap in/out of place). Anyone else suffering with me or heard of this symptom? Thanks for listening :-)

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I want to add that experimenting with beet juice. My hunch of adrenal exhaustion seemed to be right. My throat isn't choking me. Give it a try guys.

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I can definitely relate to a lot of these posts. My issues started back last fall with pain in my neck and fatigue. I went to an urgent care clinic where they did bloodwork and diagnosed me with lymphadenitis (infection of lymph nodes). Since then, I've gradually been gaining weight and getting more and more tired. The pain comes and goes along with the choking feeling. I starting going to an endocrinologist in February 2017. So far my thyroid levels appear to be normal. I have a 3cm thyroid nodule with calcification according to my FNA done Wednesday. I'm super nervous as I've researched thyroid nodules with calcification and the risks of thyroid cancer. I won't hear from my results until 2 weeks from test date. I only know about the calcification because the ultrasound tech and doctor were discussing it during the procedure. I'm scared of what I might find out. It is good to know that other people have been thru similar situations or worse situations and have came thru it fine. Any good vibes you can send my way is appreciated.

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I as well have these same issues. I found a lump on my neck a year ago. I went to the endo doctor after visits to my regular physician and ENT. they found a 1.5 cm nodule, did a biopsy and was told I needed to have a FNA done. Results were inconclusive....had another FNA 10 months later and the nodule slowly disappeared. Now i have the tight feeling around my throat that comes and goes. It's not a choking sensation and i haven't experienced the "I can't breath" feeling, just pressure. I had a great doctor so i'm waiting to see if this issues worsens or any other issues develop before i consult the Endo doctor about it..

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Hi there. My name is brad, I’m 22 years old, I’ve been suffering with this choking, stangling, lump feeling as if my throat is closing off. I’ve seen 3 doctors, ents, surgeons, many many trips in the back of an ambulance. I just need a cure. My current doctor has this thought that I have larango spams.... I doubt it. I’ve been on nearly every medication, weed, you name it, I’ve tried it. Not working.
So I’m trying to get my doctor to come up with another issue it maybe, he says it maybe something we can’t cure... I’m on my last thoughts as I’ve contiplated suicide just to end this pain and suffering,,,, I’ve been suffering for 3.5 years nearly 4 now.
I had tonsil stones, so I had my tonisles removed, I had a nose reconstruction but my issue with my thoat nearly like everyone said about, has been a persistsnd struggle long before my stack of surgeries, I need a pnkther suggestion on the next action I should take. I really don’t want to kill myself but I’m sick of this struggling and need help. Please help. Ive had all the imaging, blood work, everything nearly weekly for 4years now, no signs of anything being the cause, I always have bad acid reflux, which I’ve taken pills for but is not helping my struggling to breath, struggling to not feel like I’m choking, right in the thyroid, Adam’s apple area. Help me please.!.

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Brad, please see a board certified endocrinologist as soon as possible. Also, may want to ask your primary doc for tranquilizers or anti anxiety meds. I think a good endocrinologist can help. Too many doctors do not know enough about this stuff. There is a diagnosis for those with the symptoms you describe, but I can't remember what it is called. Still, a specialist with the endocrinology background may be able to shed more light on your situation.

Please, hang in there, and maybe try a cold pack on your throat when it gets bad. Not really sure if cold pack is a good idea but I would do it if I was as uncomfortable as you are.


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hi everyone
i m a student and was suffering from this pressure in throat.
elaborating this feeling: every morning i woke i used to be fine but within 1-2 hours after waking a feeling like something has clotted my neck used to arrise and its intensity used to swing .
it used to move up and down my throat.
i went to my ent and he did a few of tests an could not diagonose it.
i visited him 4 times and felt no change.
what i did next was i started yoga(to be genune at staring i felt like this yoga would not cure it,but i was wrong)and after 4 days i started feeling change.
the pain reducd and now its been 15 days and i am all good.
i m still doing it(yoga).
my recommendation is you first visit ent doctor and along with his medicines do practice yoga.
start by 10 min and extend to 1 hour.
the best yoga aasan is BHASTRIKA aasan and KAPALBHATI start by these and later on add few others for throat .

all because i m writing this is when i was suffering from this i wanted an anser and this a brief of it so if anyone of u feels it do try this.

if you feel any more query mail me i will be glad to share

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try these ,
bro you youtube these names and check out videos majorly these would be in hindi and a few in english.
do these i m sure that these would work for u.
if u start feeling change do a few similar to these .

like i kow u must have digged whole of interneet and ent doctors
but belive me this will work for u.

if u feel any thing like a change or query do tell me i will be glad to answer

and bro do this ,at least for a week,if you dont feel change u can stop it ,but i know you will be good soon if u do these.

and this is something same as had bwwn with me .