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thyroid antibodies are incredibly elevated

From: LISAZ08 - 7 years 10 weeks ago

I have been taking synthroid 75 for about 2 years now. TSH was 8.9
when dr. started me on this.
Not feel well lately so dr finally ran all the thyroid bloodwork, not just TSH.
Here are results:
TSH 1.640
T3 uptake 35.6
free T4 0.88
Free T3 2.90
THYROID ANTIBODIES: thyroglobulin Ab 627
thyroid peroxidase (TPO) Ab 313
What does this all mean??!!

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Elevated TPO antibodies indicate Hashimoto's disease. Go to thyroid and I highly recommend reading the book listed on the site to learn about this autoimmune disease and how to PROPERLY treat it. Western medicine teaches to treat it the same as hypothyroidism (with hormone replacement like Synthroid) but that's not addressing the autoimmune part of the disease that will continue to attack your thyroid which is why you will still have the symptoms of hypothyroidism but your TSH will be within normal range. I just recently discovered I have it also and am reading the book...amazing. On the website you can search a practitioner closest to you that follows the methods by Dr. kharrazian, the author of the book. Best of luck to you, hope this helps!

Is this good advice?

My thyroid antibodies are higher then yours my thyroglobulin is 771 and my thyroid peroxidase is at 536.7. I was having troubles with hives and swelling of the face and areas where I have endocrine glands and thought I was allergic to dairy and glutton so went to an allergist and he took lots of blood and tested it and it came back with mu antibodies being really high. I take armour thyro because when I took the others I would swell up and get hives all over. I too am frustrated. Trying to get into see a endocrinologist.

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